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Answers to your common questions

What is the application process?
Our application process is pretty straight forward. We have a two page form originated from the California Association of Realtors and with it we need copy of driver's license, proof of income and the application fee of $35 ($40 if applying online). 

Who has to complete the application?
Anyone who is going to reside in the property, whether they contribute to rent or not, and is 18 years of age or older. 

Is the application fee refundable?
No. Unfortunately, as soon as the credit screening is processed, the fee it is not refundable. 

Are pets allowed?
Pets are conditional and depend on the property. Up to two pets are generally accepted but some properties are restrictive.  No aggressive breed dogs, any pet with a history of aggression and/or any illegal animals are permitted. (insert your imagination here: lions, tigers or bears?)

Can we paint?
The property must be returned in the same condition as it was rented. So, there are two options with one being easier than the other. Option one: send us a copy of the color swatch that you want to use for approval. If the owner approves, you can paint. If you do not take option one, option two is, if you paint a room, you must paint it back to the original color before vacating. If it is not done professionally you may be deducted for painting services out of your deposit. 

Are utilities included?
No.  Some condominium HOAs cover the water and/or trash in their fee but most single family residences do not cover any utilities. 

How are maintenance issues handled?
All non emergency maintenance requests are to be entered through the tenant portal. If the issue was caused from the tenant's negligence or misuse, the tenant will be charged for the repair. Example, a garbage disposal not working because of pennies and little rocks dropped in the sink. 

Can I do the repair myself?
No. All service request must be handled by an Ocean West Realty approved maintenance repairman, licenses technician or contractor. 

How do we pay rent?
Rent can be paid through mail, dropped off at the office or paid online through the tenant portal.

Will I be charged a late fee?
Not if rent is paid on time. Rent is due on the first of each month and is late if not received by the fifth in which case late fees will be applied. Refer to your lease section 6 for more details. 

Can my deposit be applied to last month's rent?
No. Section 4.B of your lease is very clear "security deposit shall not be used by tenant in lieu of payment of last month's rent."

When will the deposit be returned?
Section 4 of the lease also gives reference to this but the short answer is it depends on the condition of the property. If repairs need to be made of if cleaning is required then the deposit will be returned once those items are finished. 

How do we get my security deposit back?
The easiest and fastest way to get the deposit back is to return the home in the same condition it was in before moving in. There is of course going to be some normal "wear and tear" on things like carpet but any repairs and/or cleaning that are beyond normal wear and tear will be deducted from the deposit. Section 29A of the lease typically states: "house and carpet to be cleaned by professional cleaning services."  Additionally, we advise you to remove all personal belongings and if you are responsible for any land maintenance than, the grass and hedges need to be trimmed to a reasonable height and all planting beds should be free of weeds.  

What is normal wear and tear?
Ordinary Wear and Tear: Landlord's Responsibility
  • Curtains faded by the sun
  • Water-stained linoleum by shower
  • Minor marks on or nicks in wall
  • Dents in the wall where a door handle bumped it
  • Moderate dirt or spotting on carpet
  • A few small tack or nail holes in wall
  • A rug worn thin by normal use
  • Worn gaskets on refrigerator doors
  • Faded paint on bedroom wall
  • Dark patches of ingrained soil on hardwood floors that have lost their finish and have been worn down to bare wood
  • Warped cabinet doors that won't close
  • Stains on old porcelain fixtures that have lost their protective coating
  • Moderately dirty mini-blinds
  • Bathroom mirror beginning to "de-silver" (black spots)
  • Clothes dryer that delivers cold air because the thermostat has given out
  • Toilet flushes inadequately because mineral deposits have clogged the jets
Damage or Excessive Filth: Tenant's Responsibility
  • Cigarette burns in curtains or carpets
  • Broken tiles in bathroom
  • Large marks on or holes in wall
  • Door off its hinges
  • Rips in carpet or urine stains from pets
  • Lots of picture holes or gouges in walls that require patching as well as repainting
  • Stains in rug caused by a leaking fish tank
  • Broken refrigerator shelf
  • Water damage on wall from hanging plants
  • Water stains on wood floors and windowsills caused by windows being left open during rainstorms
  • Sticky cabinets and interiors
  • Grime-coated bathtub and toilet
  • Missing mini-blinds
  • Mirrors caked with lipstick and makeup
  • Dryer that won't turn at all because it's been over-loaded
  • Toilet won't flush properly because it's stopped up with a diaper

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