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What services are provided?
We manage the property from beginning to end and everything in between. What that means is we extensively market the property, schedule all viewings (we do not use lockboxes on rentals as we prefer to meet all potential prospects), we process all lease paperwork, do a move-in inspection, collect rents (firmly), maintenance issues, manage tenants moving out, handle any repairs and cleaning if necessary to finding a new tenant to fill the vacancy all over again. 

How long does it take to find a tenant?
This can vary depending on the location and condition of the home but generally speaking we say it can take up to 60 days before a tenant moves in. Even if we find a qualified tenant within a week or two the tenants we want are proactive.  Proactive tenants search for a new rental in advance of their lease expiring or, they put in a 30 day notice to their current landlord and honor it. Often if a tenant needs to move in immediately there could be potential issues. That's not always the case of course because there are always exceptions but generally speaking most tenants cannot move in right away. 

How does the application process work?
We do a thorough screening of all applicants much like an underwriter would for a mortgage. We run a credit report which also screens for criminal activity, fraud convictions and evictions. With the application we also request copy of photo ID and proof of income. We prefer a minimum of three times the amount or rent for income but look at their debt to income ratio as well as rental/housing history.

How does the eviction process work?
We serve the initial notices (3 day, 30 day, cure or quit, etc.) and work with a local attorney's office to process and file the paperwork. We represent the owner in court for no additional cost.  
***It is rare that we ever have to evict tenants and the vast majority are from tenants we inherited as a lease take over from a homeowner or other management service. 

Do you charge when the home is vacant?
No. If you are not making money we are not making money. We also do not charge any placement fee until the first month's rent so nothing is ever due upfront. 

Do you charge the tenant a security deposit? What about a pet deposit?
Yes. Our policy is that the security deposit is typically one month's rent less $100. Pets are not allowed without your permission. When pets are allowed, an additional pet deposit of typically $300 for one and $500 for two (limit two).  Any damage above and beyond the pet deposit remains the tenant’s responsibility. The pet deposit is used to offset the costs of a mandatory steam cleaning that is done on your carpet after the Residents vacate. The tenant's renters insurance is also required to recognize they have a pet. 

How are maintenance issues handled?
All non-emergency maintenance issues must be entered through the tenant portal by the tenant. The owner will receive an email of the request and has the option to approve, deny and place notes on how they would like the issue handled. Emergencies, like water leaks for example, will have an immediate response from our maintenance manager in order to stop the flow of water. 

How is security deposit handled?
The security deposit is placed in a broker's trust account with Chase bank. The owner has the right to hold the security deposit but if doing so it is the owner's responsibility to understand the law in relation to handling those funds. 

How does the rent get paid?

Tenants have the option of paying via regular mail, dropping it off at the office or paying online. All rent gets paid to Ocean West Realty and then either transferred via ACH or mailed by check to the owner. No additional cost for ACH transfer. 

When will we receive the rent?
Generally speaking by the 10th of each month. This can vary depending on holidays and weekends as ACH transfers only go through on business days. 

Where do you market the property?
This is a great question. We do not get paid until the home rents so it is in our best interest to market your home as much as possible, which we do. We are aggressive in our marketing and your rental will be posted on every place imaginable and then some (excluding the MLS - see the answer to services provided and why we don't like lockboxes).  There are literally hundreds of places that advertise rentals but in all honesty the majority of those most people don't even know about and tenants simply don't search there. Don't be fooled by any fluff from others. We know how to market rentals and will do everything possible to find a great-qualified tenant as soon as possible.  

Can you take over our property?
Yes. Absolutely. However; with that being said, if the tenant is a trouble tenant then that tenant will most likely continue to be an issue. Sometimes a new sheriff in town can get them to shape up but tenant takeovers are the majority of tenant we have to evict. 

What are the fees?
Our fees are pretty straight forward as we only have two:  Placement fee $495.00; monthly Management fee 95.00  (Inquire about multiple unit discounts). 

Do you offer Placement Only services?
Yes. As a real estate service we can help you find a tenant and use the same application requirements as if they were to rent a property we manage. The fee for that is half a full month's rent with a minimum of $800. 

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