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There are many reasons to purchase a home. Maybe your income has grown or your family has and it's time for a larger place. Or, at some point, you may grow tired of paying rent and want to put money into customizing a home that you own.

When purchasing a home for either your family or portfolio there are a lot of common denominators involved but, the most important is making sure you purchase the home that fits for you. Real Estate is generally the largest investment anyone will make. That's common knowledge, however, it's also one of the most safe investments you can make. The market goes up and down but unlike stocks, where you simply own paper in a company, if the market goes down you still have real property that you can hold on to until the market becomes favorable again.

We at Ocean West Realty believe in the American Dream: but, we believe that's more than just buying a home. It's the neighbors you want to live next to, it's the community you want to be surrounded by, it's the school you want your kids to go to, it's the lifestyle you want to live.

We believe that is the American Dream: and we believe in helping you find it!

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I found a house for sale I like, do I need an agent to represent me?
This is a good question. You can certainly go to the open house or call the number on the yard sign and have the listing agent complete an offer for you but it's best to have your own agent. The seller is paying the realtor fees and that fee is established before the house gets listed so you would not be able to get a discount on the realtor fees off the purchase price. The listing agent would simply get double commission, which isn't an issue but, the main reason you want to have your own agent is the listing agent is working for the seller, not the buyer. Although; the agent would be entering a dual agency and would have to treat both sides fairly, it's better to have your own agent negotiate on your behalf that is not negotiating on behalf of the seller as well. 

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